December 8, 2011

The NBA, Where We Do What We Want... err Happens

The NBA and David Stern should be ashamed. This is an absolute joke. The Hornets by all accounts would have done pretty well here, getting a couple serviceable players, a solid draft pick, and good trade bait. It's unbelievable that Stern's almighty hand would come down and nix this trade. UNBELIEVABLE. This is why a league should not be allowed to own a team. Owner's of teams that would have been hurt by this trade (ahem, Marc Cuban) complained, and Stern put the kibosh on. Complete insanity. This league does not have a good track record with this kind of stuff (ahem, the MJ incident AND ahem, every draft lottery ever). Ergo, I submit to you the new NBA marketing tag: 

The NBA where we do whatever the fuck we want.. happens. 

If I was Dell Demps I would quit. Plain and simple. This is an unhealthy working environment. I'd go further, get all the VPs, coaching staff, etc. involved. This is bullshit. How could they be expected to do their jobs? A small internal coup might send a message to the league that this is unacceptable. Worst case, Dell Demps earns the reputation as a badass with standards.

If I was a Hornets fan, I would be livid too. Sure, some fans are probably thrilled. But they're stupid. Listen, CP3 will NOT be a Hornet forever. That much is clear. If he's forced by David Stern and some loud-mouth owners to unhappily work out his contract in New Orleans, so be it. He's got all the power in the world to jump wherever he wants come free agency. Long term, this trade is a necessity for the Hornet. Look at the relative success of the Denver Nuggets after the Melo trade, fifth in the West last year. Not getting rid of CP3 will haunt this team all year, mark my words. And as a second mark of my words... it's going to be a lot harder to trade CP3 now. That's pretty much the best offer they're going to get... maybe.

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