May 27, 2010

Top Ten Homer Simpson Moments

I recently published my top ten favorite comedies of all time. In it I included video clips for most of the shows on the list. Let me tell you, searching for these clips was a blast. Most notably for a bit from The Simpsons. I used to adore The Simpsons, but over the last 5 years or so they have fallen from grace, and I do not watch new episodes. In disgust, I placed them at number nine on my list, even though if they had killed the show after say the sixteenth season it would have been a no-brainer top five. Anyways, I figured since I had such a fun time watching these simpsons videos it would make a nice blog post. Here ten awesome Homer Simpson moments, unranked. There are certainly more, just not available on youtube. Enjoy!

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  1. "just washing my fatguy hat hunny" - more profound words have never been spoken
    i applaud your top 10 quotes list david.